1. Mycophobia (Hereinafter: the “Site”), is a site that serves as a platform for the management of the community of Mycophobia (hereinafter – “the Community”), which is a community of artists and musicians (hereinafter – “the members of the community”). In addition, the site will be used to promote cultural and content events (“the events”) and as a platform for the sale of tickets through an online store that offers users of the site (hereinafter – “the users”) to purchase tickets for events (the” Events “), whether the events belong to the Company or to any other external company (hereinafter -” Event Organizer “).
  2. The operators of the site (hereinafter: “the site operators”) reserve the right to change the text of the terms of use presented below from time to time.
  3. The terms of use apply to every user/surfer of the site.
  4. Use of the site is at your own risk and will.
  5. We kindly ask you to carefully review the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy (detailed below) before you begin using the Site.
  6. If the following terms of use are not acceptable to you, please do not register or use the site.

Limitation of liability for content and information uploaded by users of the site

  1. All information and content added to the site by the users of the site are the responsibility of the creators of such content, including user profile, members’ ads, pictures, means of communication and any other information and content.
  2. Users of the site are requested to ensure that the information and content they provide and advertisers are accurate, appropriate and relevant to the nature of the site and its use.
  3. Users of the Website undertake that they have the legal right to publish the content, information, images and anything else that they choose to publish on the Site, and that any violation of any third party rights on their part is solely their responsibility.

Limitation of liability for connection and communication between members of the community

  1. The site operators will not bear any responsibility for any communication between the users of the site or any third party contact. Any connection and communication between the members of the community are the responsibility of the parties only and the site operators do not and will not be responsible for the manner and quality of the engagement, the degree of success of the contract, termination or any other matter that will arise between the parties during the engagement. In no event shall the Site operators have any responsibility for the consequences of any such connection, and without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, to physical, mental, financial, emotional and other damages.
  2. Community members who choose to contact other community members will do so of their own free will, at their sole responsibility and at their discretion.

Limitation of Liability – Content and information uploaded by the operators of the site

  1. In addition to the content created by the site’s users, the site’s operators reserve the right to create content and information that they deem appropriate to display on the site and publish it on the site as they wish.
  2. The site operators will update and update the contents of the site from time to time and at their discretion.
  3. Any use of the content created or added by the operators of the site, including the recommendations regarding the execution of the engagement between different parties, whether they are part of the users of the site or not, is the responsibility of the users of the site and the callers only, of their own free will and with the understanding that this is only a recommendation.
  4. The site operators reserve the right to remove, edit and modify the content uploaded to the site by them or by certain users who have received permission to do so (this permission will be sent by email from

Intellectual Property

  1. The site operators own the copyright and intellectual property created on the site exclusively.
  2. The copyright and intellectual property rights include, among other things, the structure of the site, the design of the site and any content written on the site.
  3. The Site operators shall not bear any liability for any damage of any kind or kind relating to intellectual property or other infringed as a result of unauthorized publication of content, text, information, image or anything else that is used as a copyright or other proprietary right.
  4. Site, application, interfaces, services, contents, output (s), and all related intellectual property rights, including inventions, patents and patent applications, trademarks, trade names, logos, copyrighted materials, graphics, texts, images, designs , Specifications, methods, processes, algorithms, data, technical information, interactive features, source code and objects (except for certain components imported from open source network projects), files, graphical interfaces and trade secrets, whether registered or registrable – “Intellectual Property”) belong to the Company and the User shall not be permitted to make any use of the intellectual property not for purpose and / or the Services. The user may not copy, distribute, display, publicly perform, disassemble, dispose, sublicense, commercialize, sell, rent, lend, process, compose, reverse engineer, Translate, modify or create derivative works of the Intellectual Property, either personally or by anyone acting on its behalf in any manner whatsoever.
  5. As stated above, the operators of the site reserve the right to remove any publication or content that infringes the copyright that has brought to their attention such interest.

Purchase tickets for the event

  1. The user wishing to purchase tickets to the event through the site must choose the relevant event to which he would like to purchase tickets.
  2. The user will then be prompted to enter one or more of the following information: (1) First and Last Name; (2) a mobile phone number; (3) identity card number; (4) an e-mail address; (5) Address; (7) Place of work / company / organization of employees (8) Role (9) Details of means of payment (credit card number, type, validity); (10) Additional fields as required by the Organizer (hereinafter – “the Personal Information”)
  3. After verification of the payment details and identifying details about the user, and subject to the fact that the number of tickets offered within the site has not been exhausted, the user will be charged for the tickets purchased and will be sent a message via e-mail containing a link to the digital entry ticket to the event (hereinafter referred to as “the digital entry ticket”).
  4. An additional message will be sent to the user via e-mail with an invoice / receipt for the purchased tickets. It is hereby clarified that the above notices will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user as part of the purchase of the tickets through the site and the user confirms that he is aware that he must verify that the address he entered is a valid, active email address that he owns.
  5. The user confirms that the completion of the purchase of the tickets to the event through the site constitutes granting permission on his part to debit and / or credit card credit whose details were provided by the user in the course of the above purchase process in accordance with the authorized order performed by the user on the site and consent to perform all the actions required by the company for the purpose Identifying and verifying payment execution.
  6. The user must verify that the confirmation message has been sent and received at the above e-mail address and that there is no impediment to displaying the digital entry card on the mobile device that he owns and intends to identify with him at the time of entering the event, or alternatively the user will display a printed page of the digital card – “printed entry ticket”).
  7. The user confirms that he is aware that he must arrive at the event with an identification card and at least one of the following: a mobile device through which the barcode image (QR) which is the digital entry card can be displayed properly and / or the printed entry card.
  8. The operators of the site reserve the right not to approve the purchase of tickets to the event by the user for the following reasons: the tickets were sold out, the credit card company refused to approve the transaction of the purchase of tickets by the user, the user does not meet the terms of use of the site, there is a suspicion of violating the provisions of the law (Whether by the User or not) and / or when the event organizer has not approved and / or refused to approve the sale of the Ticket (s) at his sole discretion.
  9. It is clarified, however, that the Company and / or the operators of the Site shall not bear any responsibility to the User and / or to any other third party (including those for whom the user purchased an entry ticket to the event) in respect of the organizer’s refusal to sell such tickets.
  10. It should be clarified that the entrance ticket to the event produced through the site (whether the digital entry card or the printed entry card) is not transferable. If the user wishes to change the card details, he must contact the company by e-mail, at least not later than 48 hours from the date of the event.

Purchase tickets for the event

  1. Tickets for the event will be determined by the organizer of the event and will be displayed on the event page in the New Israeli Shekels, including VAT (“ticket price”).
  2. Cancellations and Refunds – Cancellation of a Ticket Purchase Transaction by a User shall be made only in accordance with the Fixed Cancellation Policy, which will be published by the Event Organizer on the event page on the Site and subject to the approval of the organizer and the credit card company (hereinafter – “Cancellation Policy”).
  3. Notwithstanding the aforesaid cancellation and refund policy, it is hereby clarified that in any event, such cancellation shall be possible at least within fourteen days of the date of purchase, but no later than 48 hours before the date of the event and with the approval of the operators of the site.
  4. It should also be clarified that the user will not be able to perform a partial cancellation of a transaction for the purchase of tickets to the event.
  5. It is further clarified that where the Company is unable for any reason to charge the means of payment (credit card) provided by the user as part of a transaction for the purchase of tickets to the event, the cards purchased by such user will be automatically canceled.
  6. The user confirms that he is aware that the organizer may cancel an event and in such case the tickets purchased by the user for the event will be canceled. It is hereby clarified and agreed that the Company shall not bear any responsibility for canceling the Event for any reason whatsoever.
  7. The Company shall respond to the user, in any case of cancellation within 30 business days from the date of canceling the purchase of the tickets by him (provided that this is done in accordance with the cancellation policy and refunds) or from the cancellation of the event by the organizer
  8. It should be clarified, however, that in any case where the transaction for the purchase of tickets for the event by the user as aforesaid was canceled, the Company may charge the user cancellation fees, as this term is defined in the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction)

The operation of the site

  1. The operators of the site do not undertake to continue operating the site in its present form, current form or in any other manner for a certain period of time.
  2. Site operators reserve the right to disable the site’s activities for maintenance or any other purpose they deem fit. Disabling the site for any reason will not constitute grounds for a claim or claim by users of the site.
  3. In any event, the operators of the site will make every effort to make sure that the site works best but does not guarantee the quality of surfing and use of the site.
  4. Site operators will be happy to receive recommendations to improve the site and comments about surfing problems, the use of the site or any other relevant matter related to the activity of the site.


  1. The site operators reserve the right to cooperate with various entities – commercial and others.
  2. The site operators will not be responsible for any complaint or claim related to the engagement or relationship between the entities with whom the cooperation will be carried out and the users of the site.
  3. In any event, the operators of the Site shall maintain the privacy of the users of the Site as set forth in the Privacy Policy below.

Proper use of the site by the user

The user is prohibited from publishing the following content on the site:

  1. Any content that is false, misleading, or garbled;
  2. Any content that infringes or violates the proprietary rights of others – including copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets;
  3. Any pornographic or sexually explicit content;
  4. Any content relating to minors and identifying them, their personal details or addresses and ways of communicating with them;
  5. Any computer program, malicious computer code (phishing, hacking), or application containing a virus, including hostile software known as Trojan horses, Worms, Vandals, Malicious Applications, etc .;
  6. Passwords, usernames, and other details that allow the use of computer programs, digital files, websites, applications or services requiring registration or payment without such payment or registration;
  7. Any content that defames a person or an organization, or which harms his reputation or privacy (without his informed consent);
  8. Any content that personally identifies other people without having given their consent to the publication of their identity;
  9. Any content of a harassing, offensive, hostile, threatening, or rude nature;
  10. Any religion, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, belief, political view, or social status, or any form of racism or discrimination based on race, origin, color, -economic;
  11. Any content that encourages the commission of a criminal offense or is likely to constitute the basis for a civil suit or liability;
  12. Any content that may mislead consumers and users of the Site;
  13. Any content of an advertising or commercial nature, or any content that is inappropriate for the spirit, character or purpose of the Site;