Hello Traveling Candidates,
By the end of reading this document, you will be fronted with a crucial decision:
Should I, or should I not, embark on the serendipity journey.
And so, it is recommended you stop for a moment, take a few minutes of your day, and read carefully all that this summoning-scroll is instructing you. Every small detail is critical in helping you receive the most accurate and right decision.
Serendipity – a discovery made accidently when searching for one, and finding another.

The goal of the journey
for all of time, man has preoccupied himself in exploring the universe, in trying to understand the mysteries and reveal more elements of the unknown.
The journey will be dedicated to the fathers of our grandfathers, that in the course of human history have dreamed and dared to leave their comfort zones toward the great universe, stars and galaxies, deserts and oceans, inside the ground and through the earth, the microscopic cells in the living body, the conscious and subconscious, and there, they discovered serendipity.
The goal is to research and discover alternate worlds and parallel universes: through music,
art, creation, workshops and classes, personal connections, inspiration and originality.


In order to reach serendipity, we will build journey-instruments and they will aid us throughout our expedition.

The journey-instruments will be connected to the different webs and sectors of Micophobia, and each one will embark on it’s own journey,
seeking music, art, substance, cultures and hidden universes. The instruments are analogous to the development process of our community and it’s restructuring.

The Main Spaceship / MycoFest
Aspired to reach alternate worlds and parallel universes, to the large distant and eternal, all those realms and spaces which are hidden, possibly only in theory, depends on whom you ask. The main spaceship will shatter the rules of physics and take us onto and inter-galactic journey.
Genres: futuristic, electronic, psychedelic, original, initiative //// BPM: 110-150

The Planet Spaceship / MY:MU
Navigate between lands and islands, oceans and seas, explore countries and discover realms in the journey after cultures, people, tribes, scents and colors.
Genres: World music, ethnic, live, folklore, multi-cultural //// BMP: 60-120

Solar Spaceship / MycoNnected
Launch into a solar expedition between the planets and moons of our solar system. The satellite will power solely on solar energy and its passages will launch in dusk and dawn.
Genres: Alternative //// BPM: 80-125

The Earth Mole / EcoMyco
This journey-instrument will embark on regular expeditions: inside earth and body.
The mole is a space to receive nourishment, liquids, and the essential life’s energy needed to strive in this journey. The mole will help up keep the cleanliness of our bodies, cleanliness of mother earth and raise ecological awareness.

Program: nourishment, ecology, and earth research. ////  Calories: 300-1500 a day.

The Elementon / MyKnowledge
Will research the soul and consciousness, awareness and oblivion, which are found in each one of us and in all of us together. Communication, dreams, consciousness and subconsciousness, sexuality, treatment, workshops, relaxation, therapy, learning, teaching, growth, guidance, listening and observing.
HBPM: 20-120

The Teleportizator
The passage from the default world which occurs before the journey and during the journey. All the details and information which you won’t acquire till the beginning of the journey, will be sent to you via the teleportizator by the “guiders”. There we will arrive in moments of confusion and disorientation.
Program: information, guidance, safe zone.

The Preparation Steps

  1. Finish reading this summoning-scroll thoroughly
  2. Sign up for the Micophobic community
  3. Buy the journey’s serendipity ticket
  4. Create an appropriate attire*

* The attire should be connected directly to one of the journey-instruments and the realm
in which he is exploring, or connection to a serendipity historical moment.
(a disconnected costume will be frowned upon and may jeopardize the whole journey)

This is a personal and private invitation
there is a reason why you are here. You may invite additional friends wisely, only friends you know well and love the Mycophobia, and are ready to embark on this never been seen journey.
When inviting new guests, you should emphasize the importance of reading these instructions attentively.

Participants, roles and tickets
111 ₪ >>> captains, helpers, angels, guiders, content creators and artists
333 ₪ >>> regular travelers | 444 ₪ >>> advanced travelers | 555 ₪ >>> special travelers

Participants, roles and tickets
111 ₪ >>> captains, helpers, angels, guiders, content creators and artists
333 ₪ >>> regular travelers
444 ₪ >>> advanced travelers
555 ₪ >>> special travelers

The Small Details:
*** price includes: journey expenses, support in the development of the community, energy vouchers, and a month trail in our membership. ***
*** energy voucher includes one meal, one drink, chai or cake ***
*** the ticket is personal; each traveler should sign up and buy his own ticket ***
*** The journey will be limited to a number of travelers on a first-come-first-serve manner ***
*** The mushrooms may have the right to accept/deny and ticket by their judgment ***

Not allowed:

  • plasticware, bags, bottles, and any other contaminating products
  • everything which comes with you, leaves with you
  • any type of glass, including bottles mirrors and aquariums
  • animals of any kind, including dead ones (eating animals is strictly prohibited)
  • gas balloons, gas dogs and gas rafts
  • weapons including sharp objects, cold/warm weapons
  • smoking in public spaces
  • littering the expedition or disrespecting the environment
  • using cameras without permission
  • invading another passenger’s space without full consent

Allowed and Welcomed:

  • any type of vegetarian foods
  • *any type of energetic liquids (only in reusable and non-glass containers)
  • comfortable garments for any possible weather conditions and living conditions (sleeping, laying, cuddling, relaxing, sexual, rain, cold, warm, dew, blossom, confusion)
  • games, gifting, and any utensils which will aid you in your expedition
  • respect, encourage, allow, teach, be curious, ask, connect, create, discover, produce, dream, touch (with consent), help, dare, blossom – and just BE.

The journey is authorized by all relevant departments including everyone you may or may not think of.
Additional details will be updated in the Facebook page and in a personal message to all ticketed-travelers.