Hello and welcome beloved shrooms,
After years of wandering, joyous events and the establishment of a fun community,
it is time to step up: Here is the vision and the comunal way in which we march.
Your arrival here and reading the values ​​is important and from now on you are
an inseparable part of the way to a significant and positive influence in the world.
Ready? Let’s begin.

Myco-vision and Myco-values

Mycophobia is a community for the creators and dreams fulfillers, artists and musicians, fun fondres and high-lifters, curious adventurers and discoverers, light-shedding and coincidence advancing mushrooms, humans and other organisms – which live by and promote the sacred Mycophobian values:
progression of creation | ecological awareness | social participation | universe exploration | fun

The progression of creation

Creation starts with a thought, idea or inspiration, progresses through planning and manifests through action.
Mycophobia promotes a variety of creation within the arts, literature, music, technology, science, digital, communal and more.
Our goal – to progress and produce creation on its full scale.
in each and every one of us lies a creator’s spirit. The desire to express ourselves is one of humanity’s most ancient urges, certainly its most colorful and delightful one.
enabling our members with a complete process of creation – from inspiration to realization –  is the biggest fulfillment Mycophobia can gift itself and its community. We want to help you face every challenge down the road, be it speech anxiety, the actual sharing and distribution of your creation, or any other obstacle that needs to be handled on your way to self-expression.

 ecological awareness

out of all possible forms of existence and planets in the universe, Mycophobia has chosen to settle here, on earth, where she was lucky enough to be acquainted with the most talented and majestic creatures – human beings.
Only one thing has yet to settle on the mushroom’s mind – how could such a beautiful, wonderous and forceful world could be so wrongly mistreated by humanity?
Worry not, for Mycophobia is here to assist mankind on this as well: we aim to progress the values of nature and environment protection, to wake ecological awareness, to reduce consumption and waste, to encourage recycling, to sustain a healthy and fitting nutrition for the body and soul and to spread love for father-nature and respect for mother-earth.
We are committed and solemnly swear to protect this planet.

Communal and social participation

Human beings are communal creatures. it has been sealed into our DNA through Thousands of years of tribal life, rural communities and worldwide kingdoms, during which mankind has fulfilled some unimaginable dreams and pretensions, such as the giza pyramids, the great wall of china, moon landing and atom exploration. Mycophobia understands the community as the essence and the path, a corner-stone which all actions revolves around. It is the foundation that enables its members the opportunity to make their dreams come to life and to create soul connections that erupt in our social gatherings.
Mycophobia aims to promote human connection and bonding, eye contact, affection and mutual assistance, while aiding the weakened and disadvantaged classes of society through community projects, volunteering, fundraising events and spreading of joy among those who have been ignored by lady luck, in and out of our community.

Universe Exploration

We reside on earth, a single planet in a single solar system in a single galaxy that stands for a tiny piece of the gigantic, infinite puzzle which is the universe – an entitiy complexed of billions of galaxies, suns, stars and planets.
Even after millions of years of evolution, our knowledge of the universe is no more than a microscopic fragment comparing to the latter’s mightiness.
Through research, exploration, observation, creation and every other tool bestowed upon us by the universe itself, Mycophobia and its curious community members aspire to uncover further pieces of information regarding this majestic, wondrous meta-being.
From invisible prutons circling around a life-sustaining cell, through giant moons orbiting planets – everything has its own unique storyline. All we need now is to figure it out.


The holy value. The most sacred of them all. The mighty pillar, father-of-all-emotions: fun.
Mycophobia and its members view fun-having as a way of life. happiness, enjoyment, dancing, laughter, excitement and the sheer feeling of fun are not taboos, and aren’t reserved for special occasions. Fun is legitimate and practical in every stage of our lives. It is the answer for better, healthier lives.
Events, parties, gatherings, games, bondings, elevations.
Fun is just so much fun.

Mycophobia – where to?

Well, mostly upwards. and downwards. inwards too. and outwards of course.
Mycophobia aspire to touch and reach the great world, to strengthen and invent connections and sub-communities worldwide, explore cultures and civilizations, join with new people, make and create art and new musical discoveries, exchange information and open new doors, and to know new hidden and intelligent entities within the earth, the solar system, the great universe and also our bodies and consciousnesses.
We wish to be a global community, transcending geographical dependence.



Lately, our community is having the yearn to grow and evolve. more and more of our friends are joining in, inquiring, participating in our activities and events and simply enjoying with and connect to others and themselves. The will to continue the healthy and proper growth of our mushroom’s mycelium has led us to the process of distillation and establishment of the Mycophobia community as a social foundation.

The Mycelium web

These days, Mycophobia labors the development of several organizational branches (Mycelium web), aiming to progress our community and encourage growth and creation:

Myco FestMyco HouseMycoNnectedMycoMusicArtyMycoEcoMycoMycoSocialMyco
Members Club


Mycophobia’s events’ branch
Parties, Festivals, workshops, gatherings, hikes and journeys, elevations and degradations, community events, private events, content events, fundraising event and the creation of fun, dancing, looseness and freedom zones.
Through the years, Mycophobia has assembled a professional and hugely experienced fun-making operating system and our goal is to continue to amaze, innovate, diversify and to give place to every kind of activity and content.

Myco House

Mycophobia and its members are wandering the universe with no physical base for far too long, and it is time for us to have our very own community home-ground .
It will be a physical space that will act as a gathering spot for friends, creation house for artists, a living room meant for bonding and connecting – a house for everything.
We are looking for the perfect spot. Any suggestions? Mycontact us.


Mycophobia’s digital agency.
Content creation, Creative designs, digital marketing and promoting, social media management, guiding and counseling and the spreading of information across the vast virtual universe.


MY:MU is Mycophobia’s music label.
Musical collective, the managing and promoting of original musicians and assembles, music distribution, and the production of events and musical content.


Mycophobia’s artists collective.
Promoting artesanal creation and initiatives, exhibitions production, events-art, artesanal works, fashion, displays, decos, designs and everything which is beautiful to the beholder’s eye.


The ecological branch.
Initiation of environmental awareness projects and proper recycling. Production of cleaning and nature-preserving events, EcoMyco teams in Mycophobian events, proper nutrition and life management.

Myco Social

Our social participation branch.
Volunteers community, events and social projects, collecting and distribution of donations, recreational days, fundraising activities and many more

Myco Members Club

Mycophobia’s exclusive members’ club.
discounts, benefits and gifts for a variety of businesses and Mycophobian expertise,
reduced prices on our events, high-quality services and an inter-communal trade system designed and designated for our members.

The process that stands before us requires
resources such as time, energy and money.

We have plenty of time and energy, and as for the money – we have a
great community, composed of amazing people – and with the right crowdfunding
where a little bit from each one turns into a whole lot for everyone – together we shall
and we will be able to keep on dreaming, fulfilling, creating and growing.